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Our workshop features equipment that specializes in welding all types of material including Mild steel, Stainless steel and Aluminum.

Our team utilizes technology like Digital Programmable welders to produce a high quality product.

All material can be polished and finished to the highest industry standards.

We also feature various fastening techniques including Nutserting, Avdelok and Stud welding.

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Laser Cutting image
Laser Cutting image

We are equipped with modern Fronius MIG and TIG welders. The Fronius technology allows us to weld Aluminum, Stainless steel and Mild steel to a very high quality.

We have experience in welding a number of different products and structures including:

Sheetmetal welding and polishing, Electrical enclosures, Bins and Hoppers, Stock feed systems, Conveyors, Augers, Brackets and components·

Structural fabrication including, Platforms, Stair cases, Lifting beans and cages

Our highly skilled team are qualified in a number a of welding disciplines and can meet Australian welding standards. We will get the job done right first time, while being very cost competitive.

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