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Sheet Metal Processing

Sheetmetal Processing...

Trevaskis Engineering has state-of-the-art equipment allowing us to process any sheet metal work the client may require. We specialize in the sheet metal fabrication of Aluminium, Stainless and Mild steel in various thicknesses.

We use state of the art CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) Machines for high precision results and fast turnaround even on high volume orders.  Our highly skilled Trevaskis team will get the job done right first time, while being very cost competitive.

Laser Cutting image
Laser Cutting image
Laser Cutting image

Press Brake

With the latest Trumpf Press Brake technology, it allows us to achieve a high level of accuracy at all times. Our capabilities include:

4050mm (3650 between frame, 410mm from centre of die to frame leg)  200 tonne CNC Press with 2D & 3D programming, also sensor bend technology.

Segmented tooling allows for intricate shapes to be pressed.

3050mm 120 tonne CNC Press.

2400mm 60 tonne NC Press.


Self-clinching fastening technology to provide strong, reusable permanent threads and mounting points in thin Sheetmetal.

Commonly used in P.C. boards, electrical control enclosures and gear trays.

The Pemserter press will safely, reliably, accurately and quickly install fasteners into your Sheetmetal components.

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